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Home and Family
Another "Asher Yotzar" Miracle

We have already presented two articles on this subject, this necessary bodily function which we highly underestimate - until something goes wrong.

Each and every single mitzva has the power to save a person and to work miracles. The simple blessing of "Asher Yotzar" is certainly no exception.

Here, then, is the latest Asher Yotzar miracle story just FAXed to Yated by Mr. Shimshon Halperin, the person responsible for the attractive posters you see in so many places which make you stop and say this blessing with feeling. He writes that it was one of these articles in YATED which gave the family the idea of distributing the posters - and was instrumental in the subsequent miracle. The following is a true story, names changed. And - no, we will not spare you the details... That's the whole point.

Going to the bathroom is not usually an issue, but in our home it has become somewhat major and we learned the hard way what we have to be thankful for.

It all started when our daughter, Rivky, was two years old and became severely constipated. This condition continued, causing her to get a fissure, which was excruciatingly painful. Rivky was petrified of moving her bowels and contained herself as much as she could.

We went from doctor to doctor who prescribed different medications, but Rivky, a smart kid, refused to take them, even camouflaged in sweets. An additional side effect of constipation is the leaking of watery acids that increase the local irritation. The entire area, inside and out, became inflamed and bleeding, and Rivky would scream in pain every time I washed her and applied ointment, which was many times a day. I did this with tears in my eyes, telling her how much I loved her and wanted to make her comfortable.

Rivky's siblings were a great support and we all resolved to say the Asher Yotzar blessing with all our hearts. Once my six-year-old whispered to me afterwards, "Mommy, I prayed that Rivky would be able to go to the bathroom normally, just like I do." I fervently replied, "Amen."

At age three, Rivky started nursery school. She loved the social interaction but constantly came home soiled and sore. She was increasingly absent and after several embarrassing accidents, we realized that she would have to stay home. When she was four, she was still suffering, but a specially integrated nursery accepted her in diapers, which she had to wear because of constant soiling due to the various medications she was on.

At this stage, she was going to 2-3 appointments a week: doctors, hospital clinics, osteopaths, reflexologists, but still no improvement. In fact, her condition was getting worse.

At this point, desperate, we thought of trying to distribute the asher yotzar posters and arranged for Mr. Halperin to mail them to us. In the meantime, Rivky's consultant suggested she have her anus muscle stretched, under general anesthesia, of course. After a traumatic hospital stay, she returned home the same as before. Her bowels refused to open. This caused the doctors to diagnose nerve damage, which would require much more delicate and risky surgery.

By this time, the posters had arrived and we began distributing them. We had to go abroad briefly and we took them along for distribution. Upon our return home, the unbelievable happened. Rivky actually asked to go to the bathroom! For the first time in 2 1/2 years, she voluntarily opened her bowels!

Since then, she has continued. Rivky has bounced back to normalcy and we are all enjoying this new child.

We made a seudas hoda'a for this miracle and continue to thank Hashem whenever we recite this important blessing, every day, every time.

For more information, call 03-5704633 in Israel. In New York, call 914-426- 6188 or FAX 914-352-6422. The posters are available in several languages.


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