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Zoglobek Workers "Intimidated and Threatened" by Scientology Practitioners

by A. Ariel

Workers in the Zoglobek food factory in the North have recently presented shocking testimony to the heads of the Pe'ilim-Lev L'Achim organization's Department for the Battle Against Cults. They describe the prolonged pressures exerted on them to participate in workshops in methods of the Scientology cult. "We live in constant fear and feel threatened," say factory employees.

At the same time, grim testimony has been presented by workers who have been fired from their jobs at Zoglobek after refusing to yield to pressure exerted upon them to participate in activities of the Scientology cult. It has also been learned that a number of workers have suffered from trauma as a result of membership in that cult.

Last week, a group of factory workers met with representatives of Lev L'Achim's Department for the Battle Against Cults, asking for protection for them and their fellow workers. Members of the group hope that Zoglobek's directors will to come to their senses and call an immediate halt to these terrible occurrences. The group is also worried about the possible outcome of a public battle against Zoglobek, which employs approximately 1,000 workers in a number of factories throughout the country.

Lev L'Achim has launched a widespread public battle against Zoglobek. It adamantly demands that Zoglobek's directors stop wielding their power as employers in order to force workers to join this dangerous cult. It is providing fired workers with legal counsel. Lev L'Achim has demanded that the Labor and Welfare and the Health Ministries, as well as the Histadrut protect the rights of the workers.

The Scientology cult has been outlawed in many countries throughout the world. A number of years ago, a Knesset investigation committee headed by then-MK Taasa-Glazer determined that Scientology was a most dangerous cult which exerts tremendous pressures on those joining.

As the battle against Zoglobek gains impetus, Lev L'Achim has approached the bodies granting kashrus certification to Zoglobek products, apprising them of the severity of these goings-on at the factory.

Lev L'Achim has announced that it will continue its struggle against the company. "It is inconceivable that an Israeli company use its authority to compel workers to go against their religion and beliefs and join this dangerous cult," they announced.

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