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A Revolution in Teaching Hebrew Language in Schools Abroad

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Hebrew teachers in all countries throughout the Diaspora have always complained that teaching the Hebrew language was a tedious job; children did not enjoy the subject, and teachers found it difficult. This was due to the lack of a good textbook to teach the material in a clear and orderly manner. Teachers usually resorted to photocopying material from various sources.

It will be different from now on!

Menucha Fuchs, a prolific and popular author of children's books living in Israel, has prepared a new School Reader tailored exactly to children whose mother tongue is English. Menucha is loved by children and teenagers. She goes from school to school and tells the students how she became an author of over 60 best-selling books. The English speaking public is becoming acquainted with her as well, since eleven of the titles have already been translated, with many more on the way.

Menucha Fuchs is also a registered Parenting Counselor. She works with parents and guides them in quality interaction with their children, and very capably so because she understands children so well.

Menucha's reader was written in order to teach Hebrew, but also to instill in children real Jewish values and to promote in them a true love for the Hebrew language.

The new series is the product of many discussions and workshop sessions with school principals and teachers throughout the U.S.A. The readers include stories from children's everyday lives, situations to which they can easily relate to, empathize with and learn from. They are accompanied by worksheets, which she calls "Surprise Papers." Much time and expertise have been invested in producing a high quality work.

"Sha'a Shel Menucha" is produced in full color, printed with appealing graphics on glossy chrome paper, but is not too heavy for the child to carry. It includes exercises in language, grammar, spelling, comprehension and both verbal and written self expression. Two Teacher's Guides are available: one in English and one in Hebrew.

Samples are available for the second through fifth grade levels. By next year, the publisher hopes the rest of the series will also be available. Books can be ordered in Jerusalem from the publisher, "Kav Lekav" at 02- 5712111, or FAX 02-5712112. In the U.S., call 718-868-4737.

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