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Ministerial Committee Boosts Jerusalem Residential Building

by Betzalel Kahn

Last week, the Ministerial Committee for Jerusalem Affairs submitted its recommendation to the government for adoption of a plan to help those wishing to purchase apartments in Jerusalem. The plan will aid eligible families who now lack apartments, immigrants, students, authorized rabbis and high- tech personnel already employed in Jerusalem who do not live in the city. In addition, the Committee decided to accelerate the approval of plans to build more apartments in the city.

In his explanation of the proposal, Minister Chaim Ramon wrote that due to residents' emigration from Jerusalem, immediate measures must be taken to encourage the purchase of apartments in the city. This trend, which has been increasing over the last few years, must be halted, he said. People of means tend to leave the city even more than their less wealthy counterparts, most of them relocating to outlying settlements up to 30 kilometers from the city.

The plan will be offered for a period of thirty months. Aid will to be given to those not currently owning an apartment for purchase of new apartments anywhere in the city. The grant will consist of NIS 20,000 and a loan of NIS 40,0000. Grants for participation in rental expenses will be raised by 25% for immigrants. A grant of NIS 40,000 will be given to immigrants purchasing apartments in the city, in addition to the aid already given to immigrants.

A grant of NIS 40,000 will be given to students who currently study or once studied in Jerusalem. Rabbis who study in Jerusalem yeshivas who lived outside of the city before they began their studies but now wish to purchase apartments in the city will receive the same grant. In addition, a grant of NIS 40,000 will be given to employees of high-tech enterprises in Jerusalem. NIS 57 million will be allocated for grants and 14 million NIS for credit.

The Committee also decided that the government will accord administrative preference to the promotion of the West Jerusalem plan, which includes 17,000-23,000 dwelling units. 700 apartments are to be built in the area of the Foreign Affairs Ministry compound near the entrance to Jerusalem; 1000 at the Harechev area; 3,600 at Givat Hamatos; 1,150 on Pri-Har; 900 at Ramat Rachel; 2,000 at Mitzpeh Neftoach; 600 at the Schneller compound and 2,700 at Har Choma.

Most of the sites are already in advanced planning stages in the Committee for Planning and Building in the Jerusalem Municipality, headed by Deputy Mayor Rabbi Uri Lapolianski.

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