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26 Shevat 5760 - February 2, 2000 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly








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Rabbi Gafni: "Barak Should Apologize to the Chareidim"; Israeli Scene Weighed Down by Barak's Troubles
by Eliezer Rauchberger, M. Plaut and Yated Ne'eman Staff

"Prime Minster Ehud Barak . . . should mount the Knesset platform as quickly as possible and apologize to the chareidi sector," Rabbi Moshe Gafni said during the debate on the Likud's no confidence motion in the government because of the scandal about the illegal nonprofit organizations (NPOs) that were used by the One Israel party in its campaign for the Knesset and to elect Barak prime minister.

Bnei Brak Formulates Development Plans
by A. Cohen

Zoning Plan 572, which provides for the construction of high rise structures with offices and commercial properties for hi- tech industry on 1500 dunams in the northern part of Bnei Brak, will be recommended for approval by the Municipal Committee for Building and Planning.

New Fund Spurs Torah Novellae
by Betzalel Kahn

The yeshiva world is very delighted over the founding of the new Uchesavtem fund, which has been warmly endorsed by gedolei Yisroel. The purpose of the fund is to encourage chiddushei Torah.

The Prime Minister and the Amutot
by Mordecai Plaut and Arye Zisman

Many nonprofit organizations (NPOs) sought to advance Barak's chances in the last elections. Last week, the State Comptroller's Report -- nicknamed "the Barak Amutot Report" -- was finally presented. It was extremely critical of the One Israel campaign, and of Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, the victor in the last election and beneficiary of the election campaign.

Gafni: Chess Clubs Have Entrance Criteria, Why not Judaism?
by Eliezer Rauchberger

Speaking in a Knesset debate about price controls, which come under the supervision of Justice Minister Yossi Beilin, MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni tried to show the demand of Beilin for an unrestricted approach to conversions, an approach Beilin called "pluralistic," is completely unreasonable.

Zionist Yeshivos and Settlements Take Money From Evangelicals
by S. Yisraeli

How many people know that there is an organization called Christian Friends of Israeli Communities (CFIC), which supports Jewish settlements in Judea, Samaria and Gaza?

"Contact Christian Friends of Israeli Communities," invites its Internet homepage, "to find out how you and your church or organization can join with us to encourage these brave Jewish settlers."

Barak: Constitution Should Be Enacted Only by Consensus
by Eliezer Rauchberger

Prime Minster Ehud Barak has expressed reservations about recent demands to enact a constitution without a national consensus on the issues. He said that to the best of his knowledge, in a true democracy a constitution is not imposed. A constitution, therefore, should be enacted only by consensus.

Festive Melave Malka by Dutch Agudas Yisroel
by N. Roosen and S. Katz, Amsterdam

The annual melave malka organized by the Dutch branch of Agudas Yisroel took place recently in Holland. A crowd of well over 100 people gathered on motzei Shabbos Shira to hear Dayan Y. Lichtenstein of the beis din of the Federation of Synagogues in London speak about "Facing the Challenges in Today's Chinuch."

Belz Kashrus Mashgiach Attacked
by A. Cohen

The heads of the mehadrin kashrus committees in Israel have expressed shock and disgust over the brutal behavior of a company owner who beat a kashrus mashgiach after its hechsher had been rescinded for cause.

Work Accidents Bring Daily Shiur
by A. Cohen

Last week, employees of Ram-Pel Communications celebrated a siyum in honor of their completion of the Ein Yaakov Seder Moed. The shiur is delivered daily to company workers.

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