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Work Accidents Bring Daily Shiur

by A. Cohen

Last week, employees of Ram-Pel Communications celebrated a siyum in honor of their completion of the Ein Yaakov Seder Moed. The shiur is delivered daily to company workers.

The idea for the shiur was suggested to the company's director, Rami Peller, by Rav Shraga Zloshanski, who advised him to set up a regular shiur in the wake of a number of accidents which had befallen company workers. The director accepted the idea. Every day in the afternoon, the workers leave their desks and meet for a shiur in shemiras haloshon and in Ein Yaakov. They then daven mincha.

After years of study and the completion of Moed, the director invited the employees and their families to a seudas mitzvah in honor of the event.

At the seuda, Moed was first completed by the maggid shiur. He then spoke about the great merit accompanying this shiur and told about a special siyum Shas that had once been held by HaRav Reuven Zelig Bengis for his friends and family. HaRav Bengis seemed unusually happy when he made that siyum. When they asked HaRav Bengis what was special about that siyum, he replied that his study had taken place at stray moments, such as while waiting for a bus or at a wedding -- moments which would have otherwise been wasted -- and that he was happy that he had merited to complete the entire Shas during this time that could have gone to waste.

"We have merited to participate in many siyum celebrations, and I have no doubt that this siyum of Zeroim and Moed is unique because we studied during work hours."

He then thanked the company director, Rami Peller, in whose merit and at whose expense the shiur is held, and said that he is credited with the zechus of all of the participants. He also praised Peller's wife who hosts the shiur and provides the participants with refreshments.

Rami Peller spoke with deep emotion about the merit of organizing the shiur and thanked the maggid shiur who, despite his numerous responsibilities, delivers the shiur every afternoon.

R' Nissim spoke in the name of participants, thanking the director and the maggid shiur for their tremendous dedication.

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