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Bnei Brak Formulates Development Plans

by A. Cohen

Zoning Plan 572, which provides for the construction of high rise structures with offices and commercial properties for hi- tech industry on 1500 dunams in the northern part of Bnei Brak, will be recommended for approval by the Municipal Committee for Building and Planning. This was announced at a recent meeting held in the municipal building attended by Mayor Rabbi Mordechai Karelitz and City council members, as well as by Director of the Israel Land Administration Avraham Drexler and top ranking Land Administration personnel.

Municipal Secretary and Spokesman Avrohom Tannenbaum said that in accordance with plans formulated by architects and city planners Adam Mazor and Eli Firstat, the plan calls for 1.5 million square meters (15 million square feet) of commercial construction in an area bordered by Sheshet HaYamim Road on the south, Geiheh Road to the east bordering on Petach Tikvah; the Yarkon River on the north bordering on Tel Aviv, and Mivtza Kadesh Road in the west on the border with Ramat Gan.

The plan designates five distinct areas, and will accommodate commercial, industrial, and tourism structures as well as hotels, special warehouses and public institutions. The plan already includes metropolitan infrastructure installations such as: Rokach Highway East, the train tracks, Geiheh Highway and Yarkon Park. The development will be coordinated with development of transport to serve the new areas.

At the meeting, various suggestions were proposed for the advancing this comprehensive plan, whose purpose is to effect an economic revolution in the municipal economy and to balance the city budget. The planners hope that the tax revenues from this project will eliminate the necessity for special grants to the city as well as perennial financial dependence upon central government financing, as was the case in recent years.

Plans were set for the appointment of a planning commission for the program to conduct an investigation of the cost of developing area infrastructure.

The Tel Aviv region of the Israel Lands Administration will oversee financing of the program as well as the locating of all landowners and lease owners of agricultural land in the area.

The plan will be presented to the Regional Committee for Planning and Construction in the Ministry of the Interior. After implementation of any revisions, the local committee will meet to approve changes in the plan.

Additional ideas for the advancing of development in various regions of the city were raised, among them the approval of General Plan 580 on an area of 100 dunams whose borders are Hayarkon Street (north), Hachashmonaim Street (west), Maccabim Street (east), and Zerubavel Street (south).

The purpose of the plan is to combine lots, redivide them into plots and prepare the region for the construction of 200 dwelling units as well as industry, hi-tech, commerce, storage and offices. There will be a separate commercial area as well as an separate area for communal institutions. Building permits will be issued with a emphasis on the prevention of environmental hazards. The facing material on the exteriors of the homes will also be determined by the committee. At the meeting, it was agreed that the Bnei Brak Economic Association will attempt to organize landowners for the purpose of getting them to issue powers-of-attorney needed to complete the plan.

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