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Shearis Yisroel Kashrus Network Prepares for Pesach

by B. Rabinowitz

The kashrus network of the BaDaTz of Shearis Yisroel has worked overtime over the last months preceding Pesach to provide food products with the most stringent hechsher for the holiday. Teams of Shearis mashgichim supervised food production in plants throughout the country and abroad, ensuring that the high standards dictated by the rabbonim, members of the BaDaTz of Shearis Yisroel, are fully adhered to.

In light of the increased demand for products with the Shearis hechsher -- especially for Pesach when a particularly reliable supervision is needed -- preparations have proceeded at a feverish pace. Many food plants had to open additional manufacturing lines after their initial stock had run out.

This year saw the addition of new products for Pesach. A special team went to a plant in the United States which manufactures dehydrated potato flakes, which will be of great help to housewives in their Pesach preparations. Mayonnaise, ketchup, a variety of snack foods, ice pops and candies are available this year for the first time. Special extracts needed in the manufacture of these products were produced especially for Shearis Yisroel, under strict supervision from beginning to end.

This year, many factory owners learned from previous years' experience and have prepared especially high quality products. Easy-to-spread chocolate as well as pareve and milk chocolates of high-quality chocolate will be available this year, along with a variety of cookies, jellies, and canned peaches.

One contingent of mashgichim went to Spain to supervise the manufacture of olive oil. The mashgichim prepared and kashered the factory as well as the containers in which the oil is brought to the factory. Mashgichim remained in the factory 24 hours a day from the time the olives arrived, leaving only after the containers and bottles had been filled. An additional contingent traveled to Greece to supervise the canning of peaches. Other canned fruit which could not meet the Shearis Pesach standards will be manufactured for year-round use only.

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