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Europe Complains Of "Too Much Holocaust"

by Arnon Yaffeh, Paris

French fascist leader Jeanne Marie Le Pen blamed the Jews for their "tyrannical attitude toward nationalist parties in Europe.

"The Jews are waging the battle against Haider in the international media," Le Pen said at a party meeting. "They have transformed the Holocaust into ammunition in service of their goals, and forbid any nationwide activity for the revival of the nation. They prevent formulation of new policies. Every day they track down Nazis. . . . We will not consent to the restrictions they impose upon our freedom and rights merely because we are non-Jews."

Similar claims can be heard in Austrian rightist circles. Approximately a thousand of Le Pen's supporters met in a show of solidarity with their leader after he was ousted from the European Parliament due to his antisemitism and for his having struck a Socialist delegate.

Le Pen denounced a plan to establish an obligatory Holocaust study program in French schools, claiming, "The cult of human rights has been transformed into religious totalitarianism." On that same day, the French Interior Minister refused to recognize France's responsibility for the transport of Jews to concentration camps during the war.

European intellectuals claim that there is too much talk about the Holocaust. They blame the Jews for using the Holocaust for their internal and political needs. "The urge to immortalize the crimes and its victims has become a constant background refrain which doesn't let us sleep," Neil Asherson wrote in the British Observer. He complains, "The traditional tendency to forgive, forget and to reconcile with the passage of time -- which constitutes a sort of pardon -- has disappeared." Others speak about the "Holocaust cult."

The modern extreme right of Haider's ilk feel coerced to moderate and to disguise their true attitudes due to the Nazi crimes against the Jews. They themselves are forced to recognize official declarations, attributing them to the impact of the Jews who -- according to their antisemitic world view -- control the world.

Haider is trying to purge himself of his antisemitic image by searching for a "kashrus certificate" among the Jews. Without them, in his opinion, he has very little chance of ever being elected chancellor. In an interview with Liberacion, Ariel Muzicant, chairman of the Austrian Jewish community said that Haider is creating an antisemitic atmosphere. "Anyone with peyos or a yarmulke or tzitzis is insulted and sometimes beaten on the streets."

American researcher Peter Novick who published a book in French under the name, Too Much Holocaust, claims, "The issue of the world's attitude during the Holocaust has been artificially nurtured by Jewish initiative." He says that during the Cold War, America didn't let the Jews raise the issue of Nazi crimes. "The liberation from the camps was documented by photographs, but no mention was made that the victims were Jews. Following the Eichmann trial, the Holocaust has become a central issue in the West. The Jews took advantage of American protests and guilt feelings over the Vietnam war and the slave era, bringing the issue of the destruction of the Jews and the silence of the world to the fore."

Novick cites proofs for what he calls, "the tremendous investment by Jewish organizations to promote awareness of the Holocaust and to arouse guilt pangs," claiming, "They used the Holocaust to gain support for Israel, to prevent assimilation and to arouse Jews to battle antisemitism."

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