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The First American Daf Yomi Conference Helps All

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

A tremendous sense of warmth and camaraderie permeated the room at Congregation Gevul Yavetz in Flatbush, where more than 150 men had gathered. Each spends significant parts of his day involved in the same communal activity, and so the discussions were all animated, the concerns all shared, and the knowing looks were many.

Organized by the Daf Yomi Commission of Agudath Israel of America, the Conference of Daf Yomi Maggidei Shiur on Sunday, March 26, was the first such gathering of maggidei shiur from throughout the greater New York and New Jersey area. It turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for the dedicated participants to compare notes, be mechazek one another and hear speakers on topics relevant to their altruistic and sacred jobs of teaching daf yomi. "There was an overwhelming aura of ke'ish echod, beleiv echod," said Mr. Gedaliah Weinberger, who serves as chairman of the Aguda's Daf Yomi Commission. "Everyone at the conference faces the same challenges and problems, the same joys and rewards."

After a pesicha shiur for maseches Kesuvos by HaRav Shlomo Feivel Schustal, the event focused on a roundtable discussion on daf yomi methodology, which was open for questions and comments from the audience. Dr. Yosef Fink of Riverdale; Rabbi Shlomo Teichman, Dean of Bais Yaakov Academy (Flatbush); and Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss, rav of Agudath Israel of Staten Island, each of whom delivers a daf yomi shiur in his respective community, were the panelists. The panel addressed a variety of questions on topics like comparing different methods of teaching the daf, how to handle questions and the importance of the shiur's promptness.

At the Keynote Luncheon Session chaired by Mr. Shlomo Gottesman, Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon, mashgiach ruchani of Beth Medrash Govoha, addressed the participants. It's easy to evoke excitement in starting something new, said HaRav Salomon. "But the true challenge of maggidei shiur is to maintain the daily enthusiasm and excitement of learning the daf." The maggid shiur sets the tone of the shiur, he explained, and it is his challenge -- and responsibility -- to keep the participants interested and enthusiastic.

A 22-minute audio-visual presentation of the most recent Siyum HaShas was also shown at the luncheon. The maggidei shiur at the conference, certainly, left with buoyed spirits and refreshed determination, united in the feeling that the event had been a tremendous success, and looking forward to future such gatherings, which, in light of last week's, will surely be a top priority for Agudath Israel and the Daf Yomi Commission.

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