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Water, Water

The recent heat spells may have dampened our spirits and our foreheads -- and surely increased our awareness of the country's serious water shortage. One person coolly suggested that heat waves are prominent in the Torah. Our nation had its happy beginning when Hashem "removed the sun from its sheath" and created a sizzling day to protect Avrohom Ovinu from visitors. He was so distressed, however, that Hashem sent him the three angels who announced the future birth of Yitzchok.

A Trip to the Sea
A True Story by Menucha Levin

It was the middle of a long hot summer. Each day the sun blazed down from the bright blue sky and the sizzling air didn't stir. Miriam longed to get away for a short holiday to the sea, but sadly, she knew it would not be possible this year. The local girls' school where she taught English did not pay its staff over the summer and recent large dental bills had wiped out all vacation plans.

Song of Ascent - Part II
An Interview with an American Immigrant

As `Amerikaners', we lived without family to invite over or be invited to, but we were the natural address for every drop- in that arrived to the country and was slightly connected to family or acquaintances from back home. This is how I came to host a Seder with thirteen people for the two days of Yom Tov -- three weeks after having given birth. I understood that this was my challenge in life as an immigrant.

Parenting with Menucha
by Menucha Fuchs

Many parents claim that their generally positive relationships with their children are subject to blowups when the child is asked to do a chore which he doesn't happen to enjoy, such as picking up his toys, washing the dishes or taking down the garbage. The problem of balking at parental requests is common to all ages. How can we get our children to do chores eagerly and enthusiastically?

Just Peachy

by Chedva Sternfeld

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Vacation in Israel is a special treat. Many vacationers come during the summer, and visit the holy sites and perhaps a museum. Others, like myself, are enchanted by the unique outdoor sites -- the fresh mountain air of the Golan, the sunsets over the Jerusalem hills, the allure of the desert oases in the Dead Sea, and the mystique of the badlands in the south.

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