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Dangerous Child - How to React to a Child Who Habitually Endangers His Life
by R. Chadshai

My nine-year-old son drives us insane. This time he has really gone over the top, in both senses of the word. They call him the class acrobat and he puts himself into the most hazardous situations. For example, he can climb up to the third floor from the outside of a building and then swing nonchalantly from the window frame by one hand, while the onlookers hold their breath in apprehension. Or he will sit calmly on an open windowsill at a friend's house, or lie down on top of the rail of a high balcony.


Our feedback is separate, this time. First, a Reaction in Rhyme - supporting, surprisingly, the anti-paper plate approach.

Home? Or the Central Bus Station?
adapted from a piece by M. Chevroni

"Ima, Shifra'la wants an omlette with salami."

"An omlette with salami? Now? What's got into her head?"

"She says her mother allows her to eat whatever she likes."

A REAL Vacation
by Debbie Shapiro

This year I finally decided that Pesach was going to be a REAL vacation. No more slavery in the kitchen. No more late nights making eighteen-egg cakes for a family suffering from an excess of cholesterol. This year would be different. This year I would leave that kitchen and go out to the great outdoors.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Know Your Enemy

The next few columns will discuss the killers. Those who steal from us the weak and the infirm, while occasionally also murdering an unfortunate in the prime of their life. we know the killers by name. We've learned much about them, and can even interfere with their work, but they haven't been conquered yet.


by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

There are gemachs, and there are gemachs about gemachs, that is listings. Then there is TELEGEMACH, which aims to be the comprehensive information gemach which connects people to whatever they need to be connected to - that is, each other, information, counseling, shidduchim, furniture trades, car pools, lost and found, buying and selling, professional services of all kinds and a very big ETC. All for free, interconnected with areas throughout Eretz Yisroel and abroad.

Some Summer Recipes

by Chedva Sternfeld

Frankburgers With Vegetable Sauce

The franks add a delicious smoked flavor to these burgers, while the bread and other ingredients add volume. These burgers are juicy and tangy, and the sauce is something special...

Poet's Corner
Four-Year-Old in My Bed

by Rifca Goldberg

I never let a child
In my bed
After the age of two.
But that was before.
When I had tiny ones,
That was before You.
Exceptions are made
Only for You,
Since now You're my youngest one.
You light up my day
With your rosy cheeks
Colored by the sun.


But at four in the morning
I hear your
Pattering bare feet.
"Mommy," you sing,
Sweetly in my ear.
In this, your nightly repeat.


You cuddle up
Close to me, and soon,
Sleep covers us tightly and snug.
An hour later, I feel a shove,
Move over some more
After I give you a hug.


A loud snore in my ear,
A small fist yawns into my eye,
I roll over to the last two inches of my bed.
At six I feel wiggly movements,
In my sleepy haze, then the heel
Of a three inch foot wedges itself into my head.


I think I'll get up early today.
I wash my hands, rub my eyes,
And look at your relaxed, contented face.
You sure look sweet resting in the exact middle
Of my pillow, victorious. Laughing angels dancing
Over you, my beautiful neis.


I can understand why I never let a four-year-old
Sleep in my bed - but you're my Baby,
You get away with more, at any rate.
And all in all, it seems to be my early morning fate,
Well, anyway, I don't have to worry about getting up late!

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