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25 Teves 5759 - Jan. 13, 1999 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly







Mehadrin Transport Service in Bnei Brak

by Eliezer Rauchberger

A special line of the Moniyot Ha'ir taxi company began operations in Bnei Brak last week. The company, founded by the rabbonim of Mishmeres Hakodesh Vehachinuch of Bnei Brak, is backed by all of the city's rabbonim.

The rabbonim called for the opening of the new line since the Dan bus company has refused to honor its obligations to insure that its Bnei Brak line conforms with the values of the city's residents. The new company is also expected to provide broader service than is currently available.

The new company has promised not to post offensive ads or announcements either outside or inside its vehicles; to disconnect all the radios in its cabs; to guarantee separate seating between men and woman; to use modest language and to have a considerate attitude toward passengers. The rabbonim hope that the new company's success will compel Dan to also abide by the residents' demands.

In addition, an extensive study has shown that the residents of Bnei Brak's neighborhoods suffer from a lack of convenient public transportation from the various neighborhoods to the city's center. There are also not sufficient bus lines between the various neighborhoods. According to information culled by the Transportation Department, 50 out of every 1000 chareidi residents of Bnei Brak own private cars, whereas 250 out of every 1000 non-chareidi Israelis own cars. This shows the high dependence of Bnei Brak residents on public transportation.

The mayor also stressed the need to help families who must resort to the use of private taxis -- whose high costs they cannot afford -- due to a lack of convenient public transportation. He also noted the need to establish organized alternatives to the city's numerous unlicensed mini van drivers and to totally eliminate that phenomenon.

The first line to open was line no. 50, which leaves Kiryat Nadvorna and follows the following route, picking up passengers at these stations: Ezra-Nechemia-Chazon Ish-Rabbi Akiva Yerushalayim-Chevron-Harav Kook-Rabbi Akiva-Aharonowitz- Reines-Ben Zakai-Shimon Hatzaddik-Rabban Gamliel-337-HaRav Attia- HaRav Sonnenfeld-HaRav S. Cohen-HaRav Kahaneman Rabbi Akiva-Chazon Ish-Nechemia Ben Yaakov-Ben David-Kehilos Yaakov- Har Sinai-Harav Uziel-HaRav Yitzchak Nissim-Damesek Eliezer- Ezra-Kiryat Nadvorna.

The fare is 2.5 shekel for those who purchase a special card (20 rides for 50 shekel) and 4 shekel for single rides.

The company's success in providing service to all city neighborhoods, with additional lines, underscores the many changes the Bnei Brak Municipality is effecting for the benefit of the city's residents. The mayor, who fully supports the granting of licenses to the company, has displayed his realistic grasp of the transportation problems of all Bnei Brak's many neighborhoods.

The new company is directed by professionals in the field and consults with other experienced services. The new and fully air-conditioned vehicles conform to all of the rabbonim's guidelines.


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