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More Ways to Save Money
by Nechama Berg and Chaya Levine

Pay charge accounts on time to avoid paying extra finance fees. Buy generic (not brand-name) drugs whenever possible. Ask your doctor to prescribe them. Buy prescriptions at discount drug stores; prices will generally be lower than neighborhood drug stores.

Preparing for Computers
by R' Zvi Zobin

Looking through some old computer magazines brought to light some interesting facts. First, the rate of change of computers, both in hardware and in software, is increasing at ever increasing rates.

Playdough Favorites
by Devora Piha

Rainy days and indoor days are the perfect time to make up a batch of activity dough, otherwise known as playdough or bakers' clay. These pliable homemade `clays' let children make their impression on a responsive material that can be reused, left to dry in the air or baked to harden.

Baalebusta Betterment
by Chaya Roizy Vorhand

Q. I've heard that some women start Pesach cleaning between Chanuka and Tu B'Shvat, so they can get a head start. I've got several little ones in the house. How could I possibly keep them and their chometz out of the closet for so many months? It would be too much pressure all around!

The Advice Gemach

This is TELEGEMACH's latest venture, thanks to its success in making connections in the areas of shidduchim and general chessed etc.

Egg Men and Egg Ladies
by Chani Kreisel

This healthy snack can compete with all of those sugar- filled cakes and taste temptations at the next in-school party or festive occasion. Curious adults can also partake. Imagination unlimited.

by Name Withheld, Kiryat Sefer - but this is intended for every neighbor of a newly-moved!

I'd like to zip over to the Kosel and to Geula
Without taking a baby - who throws up on the bus,
But whom can I ask to babysit?
Sure could use an exercise walk,
Which is part exercise, part excuse
For a long, deep conversation, in the night,
Away from curious little ears,
But who will be my walking companion?
Getting tired of my same old recipes,
But where are those exciting leftovers
You used to send over to us?
My sister just mailed me fancy chocolates
From Boro Park,
But who shall guess-choose-taste them
Together with me?
How do I act-react when my child does ___,
, And what should I do when her teacher says ___,
Where are you, with your insight, to steer me?
Just sewed some Shabbos outfits for the girls,
And rearranged the furniture,
Where is there someone to ahhh-dmire?
And then, tonight,
Someone knocked on our door, by mistake,
And asked if our apartment was for sale. But...
I didn't think fast enough.
I told him, "No..."

And another one. A preparation for the dazzling beauty of the almond tree in blossom in the month of Shevat...


by Malka Adler

In a garden, there's nothing can compare,
To finding a flower that wasn't there.
Nestled amid the green - a peek of pink,
A riot of red, a bud of blue, a color-wink.
The wind will set the daisies dancing,
Morning glories on the trellis glancing,
Peach geraniums so proud and tall,
Vying with the tiny petunia's magic thrall.
And the delicate artistry of the rose,
A treat for eyes, a feast for nose,
With velvet petals, soft to the touch,
He gave us flowers - isn't almost too much?

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