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Ninth Amsterdam Yarchei Kalloh

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The ninth Amsterdam Yarchei Kalloh again featured the beloved Rosh Yarchei Kallah Rav B. Knopfler, who lectured about the sugyos and dinim relating to birkas hamozon.

During the past nine years Rav Knopfler has created an atmosphere of chizuk for talmud torah through his unique shiurim. The lecturers also included Rav Avrohom Katz, director of the newly founded girls seminary in Gateshead.

One of this year's highlights was the symposium held on the last evening of the three-day event on "The Derech of the Great Yeshivos, Chassidus and Torah im Derech Eretz. Is there a Coexistence?"

One of the panelists was Rav Eliyahu Meir Klugman of Jerusalem who is a noted writer and lecturer on the heritage of yahadus Ashkenaz.

Torah im derech eretz turns the whole world into a vehicle for avodas Hashem by using or avoiding it. It is not an opening to allow one to indulge into whatever is considered Western culture. Everything has to be measured by the view of the Torah and there is nothing else what counts. There is no room for a second value system, said Rav Klugman.

The Yarchei Kalloh brought with it a beautiful Shabbos atmosphere and showed that those who learn Torah are those who carry the spirit of Shabbos with them in a very special way.

The whole day was a sequence of tefillos, seudos, shiurim, zemiros and divrei Torah.

The climax was during a sheva berochos hosted by Yarchei Kalloh together with Rabbi W. van Dijk chaplain to the Dutch armed forces. Various local rabbonim gave shiurim as well including Rav Y. Lewis, Av Bes Din, Rav R. Evers of the Dutch federation of Jewish Communities, Rav N. Grosnewoud, a Rebbe in the Amsterdam Cheder and Rav Y. Schatz Rosh Kollel.

Memebers of the kollel, Rav D. Stern, Rav Slade and Rav Y. Siegel also contributed.

A range of ladies shiurim was offered as well.

The Yarchei Kalloh is an initiative of the Dutch Aguda but is co-organized with a wide body of organizations and is funded by various communal bodies and private foundations.

It has grown to be the main Torah event of the year for Dutch Jewry.


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