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6 Nisan 5759 - March 24, 1999 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly







Cemetery Restoration At Makava

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

In the past month, construction work was completed on a wall surrounding the ancient cemetery in the town of Makava, Hungary. The ba'al Yerios Shlomo and the ba'al Ohel Moshe are among the geonim and tzaddikim interred there. The cemetery was able to remain largely intact despite the usual ravages of time because of its distance from the main population center. However, its surrounding wall was found to be in serious disrepair, prompting the International Makava Committee to decide to replace it with an entirely new wall.

Last week a group of municipal officials from Makava arrived for a visit to Israel. Heading the delegation were the Vice Mayor of the town and its outlying areas, Otilah Murshvari, along with the liaison to other communities, Gilitz Yanosh. They paid a special visit to the Makava institutions in Kiryat Ata, where they were tendered a warm welcoming ceremony at the yeshiva, with the participation of members of the International Makava Committee, Rav A. Hoffman, Rav M. Daskal, Rav Y. Holshtok, Rav M. Greenfeld and Rav Y. Klein.

During talks with the visiting dignitaries, the committee took up the matter of further restoration projects under way, such as the paving of a road from the town center to the cemetery, restoring three small cemeteries within the town itself, and renovating the 100-year-old Makava Beis Hamedrash. Plans call for all these to be completed in time for the 55th yahrtzeit of Maharam Vorhand, the ba'al Ohel Moshe, at which time chassidei Makava the world over will travel to Makava on Shabbos Beha'alosecho through the 17th of Sivan, the actual yahrtzeit.

The great niftar wrote in his tsavo'oh that "whoever visits my kever and cries with bitter tears, promising Hashem that he will do complete repentance, I promise to help him. And whoever contributes to my tikun neshomoh is guaranteed to leave this world in teshuvah."

The kever has become a major magnet for many individuals in travail, many of whom have seen their tefillos answered.

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