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6 Nisan 5759 - March 24, 1999 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly







Acheinu Yeshiva Ketana Awards Ceremony

by Betzalel Kahn and A. Cohen

Over one hundred Acheinu students from traditional homes were commended for their Torah chiddushim, achieved through their diligence in yeshiva ketana.

The students, all from families distant from Torah and mitzvos, have made tremendous strides since their introduction to Torah by Acheinu. Today they are outstanding students. After tremendous efforts they have succeeded in the written expression of chiddushei Torah as well as the ability to summarize sugios.

The hall was filled to capacity with hundreds of students and their families. Excitement was in the air, as for most of those present this was a lifetime first.

The evening was opened by HaRav Asher Gans, ram in Yeshivas Ohr Layeshorim in Beit Shemesh, who held the students spellbound with his message of mussar and aggada, while encouraging the talmidim to continue in the correct path in order to attain higher levels of Torah.

HaRav Yerachmiel Kram, Chairman of Acheinu, delighted the hearts of the students and their parents when he related some of his personal experiences throughout decades of work in kiruv rechokim. He emphasized the thin line between the students present who succeeded in overcoming difficult obstacles and temptations to reach the level of writing chiddushim, and those students who dropped out of the world of Torah. HaRav Kram encouraged them to continue in the correct path in spite of the many obstacles they may find in their way.

D. H., a talmid from Tel Aviv whose family is far removed from Torah, then addressed the crowd. He spoke about the inner darkness, the deep abyss in which he had been floundering until Acheinu found the way into his heart. The Acheinu volunteers succeeded in placing him in yeshiva and continued to help him in the transition to a life of Torah and mitzvos, until today, where he can enjoy being in beis Hashem.

After the awards ceremony, in which over one hundred sets of Mishnah Berurah were distributed, the inspiring evening came to a close with heartfelt singing. The talmidim went back to their yeshivas with heightened feelings of spiritual uplifting accompanied by satisfaction at what they had merited to achieve.

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