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6 Nisan 5759 - March 24, 1999 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly







Significant Reductions on the Bnei Brak-Yerushalayim Bus Line

by S. Fried

After years of demands for a fare reduction on the number 400 bus line from Bnei Brak to Jerusalem, Egged, Dan, and the Transportation Ministry have taken an important step in the right direction. From now on, the price of a one-way ticket will be NIS 14.35, and a two ride ticket will cost NIS 28.70. This price is lower than those of taxis and private mini-vans (15 shekel one way). Many passengers, who prefer the comfort and reliability of the bus but are tempted to travel by mini- van because of their lower fare and frequency, are now more likely to prefer bus service.

In accordance with the new arrangements, the six ride tickets which were recently in effect will be canceled, since they were of little benefit for most passengers.

As a result, it was decided to sell reduced tickets for two rides. An additional advantage of the new arrangement is that the ticket will be honored by both Egged and Dan without having to exchange tickets in the event that a ticket is purchased on an Egged bus and the passenger returns home on Dan, or the opposite.

The new procedure took effect on Sunday, March 21, 1999. However, in response to Yated Ne'eman's request, it was decided that the offer of an ornate watch in exchange for 9 two-way tickets will continue as planned, until 31.3.99. As a result, the two-way tickets will remain in effect until the end of March and will cost 28.70 shekel.

Egged spokesman, Ron Ratner, has informed Yated Ne'eman that in order to introduce the tickets into the 400 bus line, the ticket code has been changed from 13 to 12, as if it were a municipal line.

This code enables selling tickets to those eligible for reduced fares and to children at lower prices.

This time, the public transportation cooperatives as well as the Transportation Ministry have proved that they are accommodating to the chareidi community, and should be commended for their efforts.

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