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Ezer Mizion Announces Twenty-four Hour Traveler's Health Hotline

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Are you traveling to Israel? Planning a year of study? Traveling on business? Does a medical problem or physical handicap prevent you from planning this trip? The Traveler's Health Hotline applies to you.

Moshe Toiv, executive director of Ezer Mizion's North American office, explains, "We hope you never need our service, but by taking our hotline number with you, you will enjoy the security of knowing we are just a phone call away. Ezer Mizion covers all aspects of the medical system in Israel for you. Our multilingual staff and volunteers are ready to guide you through Israel's complex health system, and even to personally accompany you, if necessary."

Ezer Mizion, one of the most respected medical aid chessed organizations in Israel for the past 19 years, offers most of its services free of charge throughout the country. Vital health information -- doctor referrals, ambulance transport, medical and physiotherapeutic equipment loans, access to Ezer Mizion's blood and bone marrow databank -- all will be invaluable to visitors to Israel who may need them.

"When you prepare your list of important numbers, be sure to top it with the Traveler's Hotline. Make it easily accessible should you chas vesholom be in need," adds Toiv.

From its inception, we've merited to help callers in varied ways. After 40 years of not seeing her sister in Beer Sheva, a woman arrived in Israel for a reunion. She broke her hip and was stranded in a Jerusalem hospital. One call to Ezer Mizion, set her up with excellent doctors, sent volunteers to keep her company and provided ambulatory transport for her.

A woman with MS felt confident enough to travel after we prepared the way for her. Many handicapped people were treated to a visit at the Kotel. And we've provided dentists, emergency, even in middle of the night!

Ezer Mizion's Jerusalem-based hotline telephone number is (02) 500-2111. (Overseas callers should dial 011-972-2-500- 2111.) The 24 hour Traveler's Health Hotline is yet another example of Ezer Mizion's continuous efforts to arrange vital medical and health services free of charge. (This is a referral service only and does not cover medical fees, which must be paid separately.) It is a lifeline to those in need.

The hotline was born out of Ezer Mizion's dedication to find more and more ways to lighten the burden of people in crisis. Meals on Wheels, summer camps for mentally and physically challenged children and those with cancer, and year-round afternoon day-care centers for special children are but a few of the other services offered by this caring umbrella organization.

The scope of Ezer Mizion's programs allows it to assist the traveler faced with medical challenge. The invaluable Travelers Health Hotline will provide peace of mind to all those visiting Eretz Yisroel. Travelers don't leave home without this number: (02) 500-2111.

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