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4 Sivan 5759 - May 19, 1999 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly








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In the heyday of the election campaign, Meretz released a scoop about a born and bred chareidi who went off the track and "confessed" that in the previous elections, while still chareidi, he had cast several ballots in one day. Surprisingly, this story was buried with the same speed with which it had made headlines. Police were not asked to investigate the felon who had fallen into their hands.

Shaul Schiff of Hatsofe reported the full story:

Recently A. P. has been starring in the headlines as one who voted three times for chareidi parities in the previous elections, although he was a minor at the time and ineligible to vote. Meretz disclosed his full name in the media, and explained that this was what spurred them to send observers to all polls in the chareidi centers.

When this was first announced on the radio, I took pains to update Meretz's chairman, Yossi Sarid, and to tell him that the story was groundless. I told him that if Meretz wanted to implicate the chareidim it should come up with a more effective story. Sarid promised to check things out, but the Meretz public relations department continued to pursue the libel, eventually becoming the victim of its own scheme.

Meretz, as is known, is a champion of law and justice, and in this case, it did not hasten to press charges against those who had duped a minor into committing deception, forgery, and more -- serious crimes for unauthorized, illegal voting, three times!

While slinging mud at the chareidi community, A. P. explains that he is not prepared to divulge the names of the accomplices to the fraud, and that as far as he is concerned, the story is closed.

I know A.P. and his family quite well. He was a guest in our home after he left his outstanding home in Kfar Chabad. On the basis of this close acquaintance, I conclude that the whole story is a fabrication, to put it mildly. The kid's a nice boy, and the headlines in which his name appears are very important to him. He craves publicity. Even when he was little, he would break away from his parents at a performance and head straight to the stage. He would then ask the moderator to announce on the microphone that he was lost.

Every police investigation will reveal that on the eve of the previous elections, A. P. worked until the wee hours of the morning for Binyamin Netanyahu. By the time he reached home he fell asleep like a log until evening, and didn't know what was going on. Later on, he went with his father (a fine person whose best friends belong to the two kibbutz movements), to bring one of his brothers from Holon or Rishon Letzion, and everything he did that night is documented. If he had dared to vote, he would have been immediately caught by the Poll Committee due to his youthful appearance. No one in Chabad in his right mind would have made any sort of bogus voting deal with him, for by just looking at him, one knows what type of kid he is.

Meretz and Hillel jumped on the bandwagon. Kudos to them for having exploited a boy whose parents and family need him, and who himself needs firm supervision. Now all that remains is to wait for the end of the police investigation, after charges of fraud are pressed. We hope that in the end, A. P. will divulge who sent him to commit such a crime.

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