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Loving Chezky
by Miriam Luxenberg

Loving Chezky has been one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do, as a mother or otherwise. Don't misunderstand me; there's nothing unusual about him. He's a regular ordinary boy. But from the moment he was born, it has been me and Chezky, head to head, struggling wildly to reach each other.

by Sheina Yechezkel

Today should be my mother's birthday and I can't send the amethyst scarf I picked out for her. It's a misty color between lilac and lavender that she loved so much. The first thirty days of mourning are passed but there is still so much I want to tell her. Is it possible to say "I love you" enough?

Preparing For The Future
by R' Zvi Zobin

Talmidim are often disheartened when they find that after a short while, they have forgotten nearly all that they have learnt. Children can enjoy learning material by heart even though they do not understand it, but adults usually can remember material only after it has been completely clarified, understood and organized. Furthermore, much craft and training is required for serious memorization projects.

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback

Nechama Berg, author of a recent article on the varied uses of baking soda, warns us not to use it as a tooth whitener on a steady basis as it can harm teeth.

One reader asked if all the kodesh material could be concentrated in the middle, so as to be ready for removal in bulk. We have asked this before. Same goes for the simple plea for a Table of Contents at the beginning of the paper.

by S. Scharman

Unlike American law, Israeli law views a signed check as prime facie evidence of a debt. A creditor may simply deposit a bounced or cancelled check in the Misrad Hotza'ah Lapoel, which is part of the court system, and thereby begin collection procedures without a trial beforehand (more on this in an upcoming article).

Creativity Corner
Modesty - An Adornment for Life and The Use of Paper Dolls in Chinuch

by Devora Piha

Paper dolls, besides being a pastime for girls to dress and play with, are a vehicle for the many lessons regarding tzniyus. Visual images such as paper dolls can be used for lessons that supplement the primary modes of education: halocho, psukim, maamorei Chazal and role models.

Poet's Corner
Holidays by Public Transport
by A. Reader (British, and as you will note, now Jerusalemite)

Oh, what in the world could be more fun,
Than to have your holiday over and done?
Than to stand in a country railway station,
With fifty years till the next vacation.
And, oh what happy words are spoken,
When you find a suitcase handle broken,
You pick up parcels and plastic bags,
(The bottom of one, you notice, sags).
You count the paraphernalia again,
"Yes, Darling, I know it has started to rain."
A whistle announces the train is coming,
The two-year-old wails for his portable plumbing.
The train draws up with a rush and a jerk,
The children seem to have gone berserk.
The passengers stare, the guard gives a glare,
And all of a sudden, Yankie's not there.
You heave up the bags and the spades and the cases,
Deposit the kids on some empty places.
The train pulls out, we're all aboard.
Is everyone here? Is calm restored?
"Oh, Mummy, Mummy, please come quick!
I think that Eli's just been sick!
No, no, it landed on the floor,
He couldn't reach the toilet door.
And just a drop's gone on my shoe,
Oh, please come quick, do something, do!"
"I've lost my car under the seat."
"I'm hungry NOW! What can I eat?"
"My cardigan? I was too hot.
And fighting? No, of course, we're not.
I pushed her when she hit me back."
"Oh, Mummy, look, that man is black.
Why not so loud? I'm sure he knows.
Is that the way it always grows?"
Here we are, our station's here.
"Where's our holiday house next year?"
"We'll buy some sand, we'll make some foam.
Next year I think we'll stay at home!"

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