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15 Tammuz 5775 - July 2, 2015 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly

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The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
by Mordechai Plaut

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Worldwide Protest Against Jewish Agency Conversion Plan

Halachic authorities in Israel and abroad have protested vehemently against a plan publicized in the Hebrew Yated Ne'eman this past Friday regarding the so-called `conversions' of the Jewish Agency to be carried out abroad by `a mobile delegation' of `rabbis' whose identity is not disclosed and whose only purpose is to `convert' the masses of people wishing to call themselves Jews so that they can take advantage of the Law of Return, circumvent the halachic authority prevalent in Eretz Yisroel and create a terrible breach in the genealogical purity of Judaism through assimilation.

Statement from Agudath Israel on the Supreme Court Ruling Regarding Same Sex Marriage

Agudath Israel of America issued the following statement in reaction to the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling on June 26 that states are constitutionally required to permit and recognize marriages between members of the same gender:

Kenes About the Dangers of Technology in the Workplace

Extensive preparations are being completed by the Ve'Idas HaRabbonim, the Committee for Fortifying the Walls of Yiddishkeit, for the forthcoming rally to take place this Friday at 10:30 a.m. in the Concord Hall, Bnei Brak. It will be headed by HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman and HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, and attended by eminent leaders of Torah and Chassidus. The assembly is addressed to the general public of administrators of chareidi organizations and institutions, heads of workplaces and public representatives throughout the country in order to strengthen them and brainstorm ideas to combat the technological dangers facing said workplaces.

HaRav Moshe Cordovero, zt"l

In honor of his yahrtzeit 23rd Tammuz 5330

Rabbeinu Moshe was the son of Rabbi Yaakov, one of the exiles from Cordova, Spain in 5282 (1522). He is often called the Remak after the initials of his name.

From Our Archives

Seeing Hashem in His Creation

by Mordecai Plaut

Although many people today do believe in G-d, the modern world is definite proof that even deep knowledge of the material world does not force one to be a believer. Nonetheless, if someone has a healthy mind (as HaRav Elchonon Wassermann calls it in Kovetz Ma'amorim) and has "perfected his mind" (as the Rambam calls it in Moreh Nevuchim) to be able to see things clearly, he can find many things in the world that lead to emunoh.

Opinion and Comment

Condemn the Criminals Unequivocally and Hunt them Down

by Mordecai Plaut

London's Mayor Ken Livingstone, known for courting Moslem clerics and criticizing Jewish guards, cannot be accused of having been under undue Jewish influence in his views. Yet his evaluation of the attacks last Thursday in his city seems remarkably similar to our own. In a press conference held soon after the event, he said, "It was aimed at ordinary, working-class Londoners, black and white, Muslim and Christian . . . young and old . . . that isn't an ideology, it isn't even a perverted faith, it is an indiscriminate attempt at mass murder."

Opinion and Comment

Proper Torah Chinuch

by HaRav Shimon Moshe Diskin

Part II In the first part, HaRav Diskin cited the example of the dedication of the Menorah by the Maccabeeim on the original Chanukah that showed that even if they could have used impure oil to light the Menorah since it was for communal purposes, since they were setting the foundation in chinuch of the Menorah they had to use pure oil in order to ensure that the subsequent avodas Hashem using it would be proper. Similarly, in setting the educational foundations of children, everything must be pure. When educating a child, the parents and teachers must realize that they are not just educating one person - they are also laying the foundation for all the generations to come after.


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