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7 Adar 5775 - February 26, 2015 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly

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The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
by Mordechai Plaut

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Rare Documentation of the Chofetz Chaim Discovered

A very old film has been unearthed in the research archives of the University of South Carolina showing the Torah giant, the Chofetz Chaim, entering the hall of the First Knessiah Gedola in Vienna, 5683. Small of stature, wearing a simple peasant hat, we can see the figure of such incredible spiritual stature suddenly come to life in everyday dimension, a figure who firmly established the Jewish world through his Mishnah Berurah, his clear-cut guide to daily life, his firm direction in the grindstone of correct and proper speech and changed Jewish spiritual life to something much higher.

Every One Must Go Out and Work for United Torah Jewry

An election prep gathering taking place in the Beit Shemesh Damesek Eliezer shul with the participation of MK Rabbi Menachem Eliezer Moses, chairman of the Yahadut HaTorah party (UTJ), was attended by dozens of administrators of educational institutions and local activists and askonim.

Preparations for the Launching of Shutfim LaTorah Campaign

With the blessings and directives of gedolei Yisroel, the necessary activities are in high swing for the launching of the new world-spanning organization, "Partners for Torah", and its fundraising and publicity campaign. The organization is being established to set up and fortify a financial body which will supervise and dispense across the board aid to yeshivos and avreichim, a broad allocation of financial aid to be recruited from Jewish groups throughout the world, as well as from individual families, funds which will be transferred in entirety to kollelim and yeshivos on an equitable basis. This fund will enable the donors to be real partners in the Torah study of tens of thousands of avreichim and yeshiva students.

Rain and Kinneret Watch

Our weekly report of the rain and the level of the Kineret.

Hamekubal HaRav Emanuel Chai Rikki zt"l, Hy"d, author of Mishnas Chassidim

In honor of his yahrtzeit, 1 Adar 5503

In his sefer Hon Ashir on Mishnayos he writes: "Do not be astonished to see in this sefer that I mention Eliyohu Hanovi numerous times, for Hashem gave me the merit of seeing him when I authored the sefer Maaseh Choshev, and I asked of him to explain to me one expression of the Zohar."

From Our Archives

Opinion and Comment
Intelligent Design and Unreasoning Prejudice

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The science establishment has banned and blacklisted a respected scientist merely because he allowed an article about Intelligent Design to be printed in a journal that he edited, and even though the article was peer-reviewed.


Lehagdil Torah Uleha'adiroh: To Make the Torah Great and Glorious

by HaRav Avrohom Tzvi Margolis

A shmuess about aspirations in Torah, as we approach the Siyum HaShas of Daf Hayomi.


Battling For Souls: The Vaad Hatzala Orthodox Rescue Committee in Post-War Europe

by Dr. Alex Grobman


The Holocaust had taken its toll on the survivors. Though some gave up on G-d, many others sought the sustenance of their religion to nourish them after all their losses. To keep the spark of Jewish spirit alive in the hearts of the refugees, to make it glow and burst into flame, the men and women of the Vaad Hatzala Rescue Committee worked against tremendous odds to fulfill their goal of physically and spiritually revitalizing the she'arith hapleitah.


Av, 5765 - Kislev 5766 (August-December 2005)

May-July, 2005


The Message of an Earthquake

A Mission to Spread Daas Torah

Looking for the Best in Yiddishkeit

Can I - Should I?

The Immorality of Palestinian Combatants and Noncombatants

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